1. Two Lovers

From the recording Resilience

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Two Lovers

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Jennifer E. Brant – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Kieran Edwards – Background Vocals, Guitar (rhythm/lead)
Brittany Brant – Background Vocal
David R. Maracle – Flute
Hugh Christopher Brown – Piano
Noah St. Amand – Bass
Kory Dunn - Percussion

Composition, Publisher, Lyrics and Master Recording Owner: Jennifer E. Brant

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Longshot Records, Kingston, Ontario – Engineered by Matt Baetz
Produced by Jennifer E. Brant and Matt Baetz
jenniferbrantmusic.com; slashroadstudios@gmail.com; Socan ISWC# T9200602864; Indigenous (Mohawk / Kanyen’kéha / Kanien’kéha); Roots; Female Vocals; Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Canada; Clean Content; Language - English; Singer-Songwriter


Two Lovers - Jennifer E. Brant
@All Rights Reserved Jennifer E. Brant

A husband and wife loved each other
And lived a peaceful way of life
Respect was all they ever knew
And he would do anything for her

The stories about an uprooted tree
And what she needed from below
She didn’t wait for him and she looked down in the hole
Before she knew it, she was falling through

Chorus: They were two lovers
And one day she slipped away
Two lovers
Reaching for each other

She was carried on the wings of geese
And sat upon the turtles back
Waterbeings gathered around her
And gave her everything she would need

Now life flourished on the turtle
And a beautiful baby girl was born
Beauty from the skyworld was brought down below
Now their love carries on


Here we are today
With lessons from above
We need to remember
Respect, Peace and Love