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Respect, Peace and Gratitude

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Jennifer E. Brant – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Kieran Edwards – Background Vocals, Guitar (rhythm/lead)
Brittany Brant – Background Vocal
Hugh Christopher Brown – Organ and Piano
Mike Pratt – Bass

Composition, Publisher, Lyrics and Master Recording Owner: Jennifer E. Brant

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Longshot Records, Kingston, Ontario – Engineered by Matt Baetz
Produced by Jennifer E. Brant and Matt Baetz;
Socan ISWC# T3091640523; Indigenous (Mohawk/Kanyen'kéha/Kanien'kéha); Female Vocals; Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Canada; Clean Content; English Language; Singer-Songwriter


Respect, Peace and Gratitude - Jennifer E. Brant
@All Rights Reserved Jennifer E. Brant

The earth is a perfect place
It was made for all you see
From the water, land and sky
And everything in between

Our instructions were so simple
That everyone could understand
But we make it complicated
And we’re destructive to the land

Chorus: Have respect, peace and gratitude
That is what we need to do
Have respect, peace and gratitude
That is what we need to do

We’re just a guest in this world
And our lives so very short
But our footprint grows and grows
With excuses that distort

Reconnect with each other
Reconnect to the land
Honour our responsibility
And help take a stand